Adult Bible Study … Join Us!!!

Join us for an engaging, thought-provoking, challenging, and relevant study of God’s word.


Our facilitator-led class encourages everyone to be connected with the study, ask questions, and share growth-related life stories.


Studying God’s Word should open and expand our minds to the reality of God’s presence in our world and in lives.


Properly embraced, the Word of God requires a response from those who 1) read the Bible for all its worth, 2) study the Bible as a serious student/disciple of Jesus Christ, and 3) believe the Bible to be God’s fully inerrant and inspired special revelation to humanity. The Scriptures teach us, rebuke us, correct us, and train us to live for Jesus.


There is nothing more relevant to everyday life than God’s absolute, timely, and timeless message of redemption as presented in His Word.

Goals for Growing As a Christian:
1. Read the Bible daily and memorize Scripture
2. Pray as often as the Spirit of God leads and compels you
3. Sacrificially turn away from sin
4. Be consistent in your commitment to corporate Worship and Bible Study
5. Be a faithful Steward of what you have
6. Learn about and try new ministries
7. Tell others about Jesus and your church
8. Apply your faith to every facet of your life
9. Live in community with others in Christian humility and grace

Online Tools for Bible Study and Research
Bible Gateway – Bible Research Tools
Crosswalk – The Intersection of Life and Faith
Crosswalk Bible Study Tools
LifeWay – Resources for the Christian Life
Blue Letter Bible
o  Our Daily Bread Devotional

The Importance of Bible Study

In the same way that auto mechanics need specific tools to fix cars, mountain climbers need specific equipment to reach the summit, and archeologists require specific resources to unearth hidden treasures, we Christians also need certain tools to help us make sense of ancient biblical writings. A Bible, a searching heart, a surrendered spirit, time, prayer, and an open mind to the move in God, are all essential elements to a productive Christian life.  We must be willing to spend the time as intellectual beings created in the image of God, to know God and make Him known to others.  This work is the heavy lifting of ministry, but it certainly is worth it! “Think over what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.” – 2 Tim 2:7 (ESV) See a listing of other books that I use as “secondary” aids to my study. These resources are considered secondary literature and do not possess equality with the Bible. These books may be useful tools for your library as additional study resources. Seek God in prayer and enjoy the journey.