“Living” the Christian life is a shared adventure!!!

One of the greatest myths of Christianity is that we can live it out in isolation from one  another. Nothing could be further from the truth. In New Testament, the Church is often described as “the body” of Christ. In this image, the body is comprised of many different and distinct parts that operate together for the good of the common whole. To “Live” a Christian life means that all Christians enter into a new and totally distinct God-loving community. We not only enter into a new distinct community of believers for the benefit of Christians; we are also commissioned to share this community experience with non-Christians right where “we” live, work, and play.

The Church is also described as a “City on a Hill”. This image further illustrates that God’s work in and through His people should be visible and accessible to anyone. And while we know that not everyone will believe or receive Jesus’ new community, all we as believers can is to strive day by day to live it out by faith no matter what. “Living” the Christian life is a shared adventure! This must at least mean that Christians of any race, culture, gender, and social-economic level can function in powerful, loving, and socially transformative ways for the glory of God. We as believers, must share this great adventure together if we are to be sincerely authentic reflections of Jesus Christ in the world. We simply cannot deny, reject, or ignore the absolute beauty of God’s unifying love as witnessed in the shared community of different peoples of God’s creation. In this image of the Christian life, we are blessed to taste and see a “slice of heaven”, where God’s people from every nation, tribe, and tongue are in fact one people under God.

Living this “shared” and “adventurous” Christian life is not easy in and of ourselves however. It takes someone Who is greater than us all to carefully and lovingly knit our hearts together through a great grace. God alone is the only One capable of helping us with this walk into community. This journey together will require among other things, patience, obedience, and understanding. This journey also requires that we all surrender ego, pride, and vanity as we seek to glory our God in loving togetherness.

Purely in ourselves, nothing is possible. But, in Christ Jesus, all things are possible! There is nothing too hard for God.

  • We encourage you to share this wondrous new life with us.
  • We invite you into a beautiful fellowship with your new family.
  • We challenge you to connect by faith with this “body of Christ” with an open heart.
  • We empower you to impact “your world” with this infectious communal love from God.
  • We welcome you to participate in “community living” that reflects the love of Jesus Christ.

Come and share in this great adventure with us!