Welcome to Children’s Church at The Well Fellowship! We spend Praise and Worship time with our families and the whole church, and then we break off for our own special time of teaching and worship. We invite children ages 5 to 11 to join us!

We are “Children at The Well”…Where we:

Worship God
Encourage Others
Love to Serve
Live for Christ

The above 4 things are our Core Values in Children’s Church. We often spend time during our sessions together reflecting on these 4 principles and how we can use them in conjunction with the day’s lesson in our lives. We want our children to enjoy themselves and look forward to coming to Children’ s Church, but moreover, we want them to grow in their relationship with Christ and their understanding of God’s Word.

Our curriculum units



All of our lessons will fall within these themes.

Here is what the children have to say:
“I really love Children at The Well! We have Bible games and talk about Christ, the Lord. We have fun, fun, fun! We worship God, encourage others, love to serve, Live for Christ! It’s about telling people and showing them about Christ. I would tell my friends and spread the word!” -Kevin, age 9

“In Children at The Well, we do a lot! We worship God, encourage others, love to serve, live for Christ! We read the Bible and learn God’s Word. We have fun and do fun stuff. We also do community work. We do cool stuff like going to help at Habitat for Humanity, the Rescue Mission, the Rest Home and also the Ronald McDonald House. It’s about God and service. That’s what I think Children at The Well is all about!” -Kaiya, age 11

Our Values

Children at The Well want you to know what we stand for!


Worship God

We praise Him, read His word, spread His word to others, sing to Him, thank Him, talk to Him in private

Encourage Others

Stay positive, if someone is down-say something nice to them, make and give cards, cheer others on, speak good things, do what the Bible says, help people

Love to Serve

do something that God tells you to do, do what God says-no questions asked, help someone when they need it, don’t look for a payoff or something in return

Live for Christ

believe in Jesus, have faith, share His message, ALL OF THE ABOVE!

(Written by the children in Children at The Well!)

Current Series

Characters Well-Come

We also do a special study in CATW (Children at The Well) called “Characters Well-Come”. This is a time when we learn about the wonderful people in the Bible. It is a study about all the great characters that help the Bible come to life for us. Here are some of the characters we have studied:

  • Gideon
  • Ruth
  • Daniel
  • Esther
  • Mary & Martha
  • Jesus

Their lives and relationship with God help us understand ours a little better! Their stories are great to read and learn about. They had such wonderful adventures. Join us! You are “Well-Come”!

Bible Study
On Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m., our youth get together for Bible Study!

We are Chosen Champions for Christ! Join us for our weekly Bible Study.

  • Chosen Champions for Christ:
  • Know God’s Word
  • Worship Him in Spirit and in Truth
  • Pray
  • Are not ashamed
  • …and more

The last Wednesday of the month is “Wild Wednesday”! We do something away from the norm, fun and still in line with our Bible Study.

This is how can YOU can get involved with Children at The Well and Youth Bible Study!

  • Supply Bible Study snacks
  • Volunteer and train to become a youth teacher (monthly and bi-monthly rotations for qualified TWF Members)
  • Volunteer to be a guest for “Wild Wednesday”
  • Donate prizes for the children

For more information about Children at The Well and Wednesday Bible Study for our youth, contact Dennise Lindsay, Director of Christian Education at TWF (

Thanks so much for visiting our page on the TWF website! We hope to see you soon!