We Need You!

So, you really like your experience at The Well Fellowship? Want to know how to get involved right away? Please, don’t be shy! We have plenty of places to serve where you can make an immediate and positive impact!

Greet Team

These volunteers are your typical ‘morning’ people! They arrive early (about 9:00 AM) so they can be in place to greet visitors and members when they enter the building and as they head into the auditorium for worship. If you’re a morning person too, you should fit right in!

We need plenty of friendly and outgoing personalities to give our visitors and friends warm greetings and the lay of the land to help make their Well Fellowship worship experience one they’ll remember and return for! Please see Dennise Lindsay to vonunteer.

The Well Cafe’

The Well Cafe’ serves light morning refreshments before worship begins. Great coffee and a snack may be just the thing someone needs to begin to feel right at home at The Well. Some members of the Greet Team pull double duty here, so if you fancy yourself a ‘barrista’ and love working with the public, this is the gig for you! Please see Dennise Lindsay to volunteer.

Prayer Team

We are intentional about setting an atmosphere of worship so that The Holy Spirit is invited to come and receive the praises of His people. To that end, we have a team that comes together and prays over the building, the seats and stage to usher in the Holy Spirit and ask him to be a part of each and every worship moment! If you would like to volunteer for this sacred duty, please see Shirley Ragland and join us at 9:15 AM each Sunday to petition the Lord’s presence in our worship.

Set-up / Break-down Team

Perhaps you’re a behind-the-scenes type. We certainly don’t want to leave you out! We’re currently looking to put together a permanent team of folks that will help set up our worship service and sound equipment, and help break it all down and pack it away after. This too is a job for the early riser, as we arrive at 8:30 AM for set-up, but we have a great time! It’s the toughest job you’ll ever love!