Who We Are


The Well Fellowship is purposefully Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-filled, Life-related, and Ministry-centered. TWF is a place where true faith, forgiveness, and fellowship are found. We are purposefully raising generations to find their rightful place in God through prayer, proclamation, praise, and preparation.

The Well Fellowship is sending forth witnesses into every corner of this community and this world to boldly declare the Agape love of God. We are intentionally attaining a standard and a spirit of excellence in EVERYTHING we do.


“We exist to be an intentionally trans-ethnic fully functioning Biblical community where people find purpose and peace by coming to love God, love people, and serve others.”

Our purpose for God as a church is to be intentional and practical concerning our worship, relationship, discipleship, fellowship, and stewardship.


The ministry of Jesus Christ is a shared adventure. Jesus shares his personal philosophy in declaring “whoever believes in me will do what I do – yes, he will do even greater things, because I am going to the father”. We believe in our role as an extension of the mind, message, ministry, and mission of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


The mission of The Well Fellowship is to develop people into fully functioning disciples of Jesus Christ.


As a ministry, we seek to be Bible Based in our foundation, Christ Centered in our faith, Spirit Filled in our fortitude, and Life Related in our focus. This is accomplished through the evangelism of sinners and equipping of the saints for ministry which glorifies God. We are purposefully raising disciples of Jesus Christ through prayer, proclamation, preparation, and praise to find their rightful place in God.